IHF joined the Kick-Off meeting of the VET GOES RURAL Project

On June 6 and 7, IHF joined the Kick-Off Meeting of VET GOES RURAL Project  (Innovating VET practices in isolated rural and remote regions of the EU), a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission, which brings together seven Partners from five countries (Spain, Belgium, Italy, Ireland, Greece). The Kick-Off Meeting, hosted by IDP, was originally planned in Brussels, Belgium but had  been rescheduled and developed in Pescara, Italy, due to partners’ agreement.

The ‘VETgoesRURAL’ project aims to improve VET professionals’ skills and capacities in order to provide enhanced training and foster learners’ engagement in EU isolated rural and remote areas.

To fulfil this aim, the project will design, test and fine-tune innovative VET teaching and training methods, with an appropriate mix of open, digital and participative learning environments. VETgoesRURAL addresses needs and priorities recently confirmed by the EU and its Member States. Particularly, the EU Council Recommendation on VET (December 2020) has pointed out that “VET programmes need to be accessible for vulnerable groups, low-skilled people and people in rural or remote areas” and “VET staff need to undertake continuing professional development to deliver high quality training through digital skills and effective innovative methods”.

The project encourages the strengthening of capacities and practices of national, regional, and local VET networks within 4 EU target countries – Spain, Italy, Greece, and Ireland. These countries are characterised by a complex territorial situation, with macro-regions experiencing high levels of rural isolation. Moreover, three of them (Spain, Italy and Greece) show the lowest rates in both adult engagement in vocational learning and employment. The project also includes one of the 9 EU Outermost Regions (Canary Islands), geographically very distant from the European continent. VETgoesRURAL will conduct its work within 12 selected isolated remote/rural territories, based on specific criteria i.e. less than 5.000 inhabitants, high-rates of dropout, unemployment and/or with low socio-educational rates opportunities. The project will engage mainly learners with low skills and support VET professionals in better approaching and engaging this target group in the local VET offer. VETgoesRURAL will ensure a strong participative approach during the whole project, while promoting transnational cooperation and mutual learning. It will disseminate the results at EU level and ensure wide replication of project results by multiple VET organisations outside the partnership.

IHF will be the leader organisation of the dissemination activities, and will actively take part to the realisation of all PRs of the project.

For further information on VETGOESRURAL  and other IHF initiatives: