IHF joined the Kick-Off meeting of the MORE Project

On June 6, IHF joined the Kick-Off Meeting of MORE Project (Multifunctional role of women as key driver for rural development), a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission, which brings together seven Partners from six countries (Belgium, Italy, Romania, Greece, Spain and Poland). The Kick-Off Meeting, hosted by IHF, was originally planned in Brussels, Belgium but had  been rescheduled and developed in Pescara, Italy, due to partners’ agreement.

The MORE project (“Multifunctional role of women as a key driver for rural development”) aims to improve the access to, and the quality of, training opportunities and qualifications of rural EU women. MORE actions try to improve and promote the multifunctional role of rural women by enhancing their wide range of skills and encouraging and motivating their participation in local ecosystems.

To fulfil this aim, the project will design the first training programme in order to improve and promote the multifunctional role of rural women by enhancing their wide range of skills, encouraging and motivating their participation into local ecosystems. MORE addresses needs and priorities recently confirmed by the EU Parliament that states that the role of women is essential to save rural areas in Europe, whose population is expected to shrink to almost 8M by 2050 compared with urban population that will reach 24M by 2050.

The MORE project will conduct its work within 5 EU project countries  – Spain, Romania, Poland, Italy and Greece, where 7 rural territories (Rural Women Hubs)  will be selected. The project products will be co-designed with stakeholders to ensure that the project activities address rural womens’ needs. Overall, 490 people will be reached by hubs’ activities.  MORE will ensure a strong participative approach during the whole project, while promoting transnational cooperation. It will disseminate the results at EU level and ensure wide replication of project results by multiple VET organisations outside the partnership.

In order to achieve these, a MORE Digital Community Platform for Multifunctional Women will be available for knowledge and experience sharing, gather insight for the co-creation process and allow online interactions within rural women, practitioners and relevant groups of interest.

IHF will be the leader partner of dissemination activities, defining a Dissemination Plan, creating, planning and coordinating Dissemination activities at project level, guiding project partners, accurately collecting data from partners, planning, organising and coordinating events at EU level.  

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