Transnational Meeting of the Erasmus+ project Scouts4GreenApp advances sustainable development in VET

The Transnational Meeting of the Erasmus+ project “Scouts4GreenApp” was held in Frankfurt Oder on April 10-11, 2024, bringing together partners from across Europe to advance sustainable development in vocational education and training (VET). Among the participants was IHF asbl, actively contributing to the project’s vision and objectives.

Scouts4GreenApp, co-financed by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission, aims to incorporate ecological, economic, and social sustainability into VET through qualification and sensitization of learners and staff, preparing them for a labour market increasingly characterized by sustainable development.

The first day began with a warm welcome and opening remarks, setting the stage for productive discussions. The meeting then dived into Work Package 2 (WP2), focusing on the development of the project’s White Paper. Updates on the brochure and dissemination results were shared, emphasizing the importance of collaboration in reaching a wider audience.

In WP3, attention turned to the Training Curriculum development aspect of the project. Participants received updates on the Micro Credential study and engaged in short presentations of the Curriculum’s Units under their responsibility.

To conclude, connections between WP3 and WP4 were emphasized, ensuring alignment between curriculum and digital credentials. After a detailed presentation of the project App’s layout, participants brainstormed further ideas, aiming to enrich the learning experience and promote sustainable practices effectively.

The second day represented a precious opportunity to plan WP5, the EU SDG Challenge Award which will involve VET learners all across Europe, and assess project’s progresses in terms of project management, quality assurance and dissemination activities. A detailed plan including the next steps was outlined before the end of the meeting. Participants recapped key takeaways from both days and outlined priorities for the future, reaffirming their commitment to the project’s vision: “go abroad for a learning mobility and act for sustainability”.

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