Empowering Women in Digital Entrepreneurship: the DIGITAL Z-WOMEN project has successfully reached its conclusion

IHF asbl is one of the Associated Partners of the Erasmus+ DIGITAL Z-WOMEN project, co-funded by the European Commission. The Closing Meeting of the project took place in Prague on November 28, 2023, and proved the significant impact of DIGITAL-Z WOMEN in its mission to empower young women in digital entrepreneurship.


DIGITAL-Z WOMEN was launched with a commitment to providing Gen-Z women with the essential tools, skills, and support needed to actively engage and thrive in digital entrepreneurship. The initiative, a collaboration with organizations dedicated to the development of women’s entrepreneurship, received support from the European Commission to address the gender gap in the digital business landscape.


Inspirational stories: to help Gen-Z women imagine the possibilities of digital entrepreneurship, the partners identified and interviewed 18 inspiring digital entrepreneurship role models who provided details from their digital entrepreneurship stories

A learning journey: partners created 10 training modules and related tools and resources to empower young women entrepreneurs to navigate the complexities of the digital era with confidence

VET Tutorials: IHF asbl supported project’s partners in the piloting of a set of resources tailored to the specific needs of VET providers on how to use the DIGITAL-Z LEARNING JOURNEY and its tools

As Associate Partner, IHF asbl is glad to promote the DIGITAL-Z WOMEN resources and integrate them within its training offer to support VET providers across Europe and empower Gen-Z women to make their mark in the digital entrepreneurship space.

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