GENIE project is on target

The 4th and final project meeting of the GENIE partner organizations aims to review the quality of all products developed and in particular to address issues of sustainability and the integration of the results into the future work of all partners.

Based on the very successful validation process, which involved more stakeholders than planned and at the same time with excellent feedback from those involved in the process, the products (training units and the GENIE game) were finalized.

The work done so far to disseminate the results has exceeded all previous expectations. More than 400,000 interested parties and organizations have already been reached online; more than 110,000 have been informed about GENIE through analogue media. 3,000 people have already used the GENIE material and the game has already been downloaded almost 300 times onto their own computers. Finally, the homepage has been visited more than 80,000 times.

The consortium is optimistic for further and intensive use by interested stakeholders throughout Europe. The 4th meeting took place from November 23-24, 2023 at d-ialogo in Wuppertal.

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