Financial Literacy for Inclusion:

IHF joined the second Transnational Project Meeting of FLY.

On July 1st, 2022, the consortium joined the second TPM of FLY (Financial literacy for inclusion), a Project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission, which brings together 8 Partners from 5 different countries (Belgium, France, Italy, Spain and Turkey). The Meeting, hosted by Fuori Dal Sommerso, took place in Mesagne, Italy.

During the meeting, the consortium discussed the overall progression of Project Result 1 (OER Platform), Project Result 2 (SAT, a practical tool to assess financial literacy), and organised the distribution of work for the implementation of the Project Result 3, which will be the development of training courses aimed at improving the financial literacy of low skilled adults.

FLY’s objective is to create financial culture among adults low skilled engaging them in learning financial. Having a financial culture will help them to make positive choices for themselves and for society also from an environmental point of view. FLY develops and deploys a simple guide within everyone’s reach to find the best way to use money, paying attention to the impact it has not only on our lives, but also on those of others and on our planet.

On the basis of that, in the following two years FLY will sustain the development among adults low skilled of financial literacy, providing all citizens with some of the tools that are indispensable today to build a peaceful, safe and sustainable future for themselves, their families and the planet; its innovative methodology relies on demand-drive and bottom-up approaches that will lead partners in the creation of several strategic results:

  1. Fly Platform (OER Platform) in Multilanguage version
  2. A Practical Tool to Assess Financial Literacy
  3. FLY Free Financial learning for low skilled Adults
  4. Ethical and Sustainable Finance in Europe, a report

During the meeting, the consortium discussed the overall project implementation schedule, defining timelines and respective duties in the following months.

In the context of this project, IHF will be responsible of the dissemination activities, but its members will also have to deal with technical and horizontal aspects of project management .

For further information on FLY project and IHF initiatives: