Just published: research paper on “Soft Skills for Financial Sector”

IHF contributed to the paper “The Role of Soft Skills in Employability in the Financial Industry” co-authored with Prof. Jacek Rodzinka and published in the Financial Internet Quarterly, of the Rzeszow University of Information Technology & Management (UITM).

The report sheds light on the role and relevance of soft skills for jobs in finance and banking, and builds also on results of primary research carried out in the framework of the ESSENCE Project, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission.

The World Economic Forum confirms that soft skills are increasingly important for job seekers to adjust to the evolving nature of jobs and occupations. The results of the questionnaire-based survey ran during the ESSENCE project were benchmarked with two databases: the Skills-OVATE and “Industry Jobs & Skills Trends”. Skills-OVATE is the joint Eurostat and Cedefop initiative that provides data on the most required skills that employers describe in their online job advertisements in 28 European countries. “Industry Jobs & Skills Trends” is the joint World Bank and LinkedIn initiative that builds on data and information on more than 100 countries with at least 100,000 LinkedIn members each, distributed across 148 industries and 50,000 skills categories.

The research confirms how soft skills are increasingly demanded by employers, and that the banking and finance sector follows suit in this trend. The paper also corroborates the need to further explore the linkages between ICT and soft skills for the “jobs of the future”, including in finance and banking.

More details on the ESSENCE Project

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