Joint Enterprise University Learning: IHF asbl joins the JEUL Project

IHF asbl is glad to take part in the JEUL Project (Joint Enterprise University Learning), an Erasmus+ Capacity Building in Higher Education project with nine partners from China, Vietnam, Czech Republic, Italy, Lithuania and UK.

The JEUL project aims at bridging the world of education and the world of work by empowering teaching staff with tools to engage enterprises in curriculum development and joint-teaching as well as equipping the placement and career offices of universities to better engage enterprises for the transition of students in the labour market.

In this context, JEUL aims at establishing and developing cooperation among universities and private sector, to influence the way universities work and enable them to learn from the entrepreneurial nature of companies, develop and use case studies based on the experience of companies – enhance their teaching and learning methods and gain an understanding of the needs of enterprises and improve the curricula accordingly. JEUL also supports the concept of “Entrepreneurial Universities” to build closer collaboration between academia and industry.

During the three years of implementation, the JEUL partners will produce the following results:

  1. Case studies methodology focused on local firms and economic environment
  2. Practice-oriented teaching methodology
  3. Enhanced regional and international cooperation among European and Asian universities
  4. Innovative “Enterprise Pathway” curricula in partner universities

IHF asbl is a key non-academic partner of the JEUL project and will support the implementation of all activities, spanning from research, analysis as well as development of teaching materials and their delivery to the target groups. Moreover, thanks to its presence in Brussels, IHF will contribute by supporting dissemination and exploitation of project results at European level.

Learn more about JEUL and IHF asbl: