IHF and Moscow RUDN University: Virtual Learning Program “Project Management for Healthcare Sector Specialist”

November 23th, 2020
IHF has completed the first edition of the online training “Project Management for Healthcare Sector Specialist” organized in collaboration with the RUDN University (Moscow). During the 25 hours of the course, spread over 10 lessons, the 18 participants from RUDN University increased their knowledge in the field project management.

The course, held by the experienced IHF professional teams between the 4th and 20th of November 2020, focused on the core aspects of Project Management and Project Life-Cycle, with specific modules dedicated to topics such as Creating Plans, Taking Actions, Getting Results, Managing the Project Team and Internal and External Communication. The training was enriched by the sharing of working tools and verification of acquired knowledge.

Numerous practical examples emerged during the course, thanks to the contribution of the participants who were proactively involved during each lesson. Thanks to this continuous exchange, the participants shared lessons learned and best practices in their respective fields (research, telemedicine, healthcare, etc.).

Special thanks to the RUDN staff for supporting IHF in the organisation of the virtual lessons and for all logistical aspects.

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