Digital Entrepreneurship for Employability Paths: the DEEP Website is Online

30th March 2020

The DEEP Website is now online on providing specific info on project aims, activities and results. The platform will contain all the Project deliverables and outputs, in particular the training contents to empower VET students by nurturing their digital entrepreneurial skills and talent for enhanced employability and entrepreneurship.

DEEP is managed by  7 Partners from 6 countries, i.e. Belgium, Bulgaria, Italy, Poland, Portugal and Spain. The Project’s aim is to improve chances for professional success of VET students with different backgrounds by developing not only their entrepreneurial skills (or knowledge), but also their digital skills.

The very user-friendly Platform  has been built by the Spanish partner, IWS (Internet Web Solutions, Malaga) and will be costantly updated by the partnership as a whole during the project implementation.

The DEEP Website will be available in six languages (Bulgarian, English, Italian, Spanish, Polish and Portuguese) contains specific sections for each Intellectual Output such as:

  • MAPPING, to take track of the digital entrepreneurship dynamics in the countries involved in DEEP
  • TRAINING, the main DEEP result in the Tool-kit format comprised of guidelines, case studies, best practices and lessons learned etc.
  • PARTNERS SECTION, to discover each project partner
  • NEWS, to be always updated about DEEP development
  • COMMUNITY to involve as many Associated Partners as possible and spread the word about DEEP to users and beneficiaries




IHF brings in DEEP its expertise and experience as a key social player in international and European projects. In particular, IHF ensures the “European Dimension” of the project as it carries out all the technical tasks from a “European Perspective”, i.e. carrying out analyses of relevant EU policies, trends and initiatives; extrapolating EU relevant case studies, lessons learned and best-practices.

For more information about DEEP and IHF asbl initiatives:

LinkedIn: IHF Europe

DEEP Facebook