EntreComp Implementation: the ECI website is officially online

The ECI Website is now online on providing specific info on project aims, activities and results. The platform will contain all the Project deliverables, outputs and most importantly, the training contents targeted to the operationalization of the “EntreComp Framework” by developing implementation tools and training content for the European VET systems.


ECI is managed by 8 Partners from 6 countries, i.e. Germany, Greece, Italy, Belgium, Poland and Romania, and is co-financed by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission. The Project’s aim is to improve chances for professional success of VET students with different backgrounds by developing entrepreneurial and business management skills.


The very user-friendly Platform has been built by the Belgian partner, IHF (Institut de Haute Formation aux Politiques Communautaires asbl) and will be constantly updated by the partnership as a whole during the project implementation.


ECI Website is available in six languages (English, German, Greek, Italian, Polish and Romanian) and is composed by multiple sections freely available to all navigators.


HOME: the section hosts the “big picture” of the project highlighting the six competences selected and further developed by the Consortium:

  • Creativity: Develop creative and purposeful ideas
  • Ethical and sustainable thinking: Assess the consequences & impact of ideas, opportunities and actions
  • Self-awareness and self-efficacy: Believe in yourself and keep developing
  • Mobilizing others: Inspire, enthuse and get others on board
  • Taking the initiative: Go for it
  • Coping with uncertainty, ambiguity & risk: Make decisions dealing with uncertainty, ambiguity and risk



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PROJECTS: contains several background information about the project – needs and gaps directly addressed by ECI Consortium, envisioned results and expected impacts.


PARTNERS: as the tag implies, within the Partners section each organisation is properly valorised.


MODEL: this section contains a much broader contextualisation of the project and its main objectives. It serves as a clear, direct and straightforward showcase of the results expected by the project and its background research.


TRAINING: after the finalisation phase of Intellectual Output 3 (Training tools and Contents), this section will host the educational means and tools provided by all partners.


NEWS: to remain always updated with ECI latest developments…


COMMUNITY: in order to involve as many Associated Partners as possible and spread the word about ECI to end-users, targets, general public and ultimate beneficiaries.