FIGHTING DOPING IN SPORTS: IHF Joined the 5th Meeting Of The ANTIDOPING GREEN SEAL Project in Rijeka (HR) – September 12/13, 2019

September 18th, 2019


On September 12th-13th in Croatia, IHF asbl joined the fifth meeting of the “Anti-doping GREEN SEAL” – a two-year Project implemented by a Consortium of 6 Partners from 6 European countries (Belgium, Croatia, Italy, Poland, Spain and United Kingdom), that addresses the issue of doping in recreational Sports environment and will develop comprehensive preventive actions to tackle doping use in recreational Sports among youngsters.

The Project aims at enhancing understanding and awareness of the negative implications of doping in recreational sports.  As such, ANTIDOPING Green Seal fills a gap as most anti-doping campaigns and activities are often targeted at athletes involved in professional and competitive sports.


During the meeting, IHF presented the dissemination activities occurred within the European context of Brussels in order to promote the Green Seal Awareness Campaign and defined in detail the Ethic Code to be followed by every association so they can get the Green Seal and the guidelines for a correct information on the dangers of doping at grassroots level. Finally, the last tasks were defined and to be fulfilled by the end of the project leading up to the closing meeting on December in Madrid.


ANTIDOPING Green Seal started in January of 2018 and will be implemented over a 24-month period with activities involving grassroots sports organisations in all of the countries represented in the Consortium.


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