ADULT EDUCATION IN EUROPE’S REMOTE REGIONS: a Project Funded by Erasmus+ – July 23, 2019

July 30th, 2019

The project focuses on peripheral regions of the EU, and aims at identifying and analysing the specific opportunities and the difficulties linked to their geographical position, especially in the field of EU integration, the different aspects of education in remote regions, the specific needs to ensure the actual implementation of EU inclusive policy and the efforts needed to better integrate those regions into EU policies and programmes.

The current project stems from this experience: through this project the staff of IHF will further improve their organizational, training and multicultural skills and competences, resulting in professional development for the participating staff and in concrete improvement of the organisation in terms of increased capacity to operate at EU level.

IHF’s role in EU projects is to encourage and enhance dissemination and valorisation and has been doing so since 2003, featuring an ever increasing prominent position in the field of EU projects.


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