Entrepreneurial Skills for EU Start-Ups: IHF organised in Brussels the Kick-Off Meeting of TESEUS

Brussels, 7th December 2018

8 Partners from 7 European countries (Belgium, Greece, Italy, Macedonia, Romania, Slovakia, Spain) were hosted by IHF asbl in Brussels on 7th December, 2018 for the Kick-Off Meeting of TESEUS  – Training on Entrepreneurial Skills for EU Start-Ups, a project financed under the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission, KA2, Strategic Partnerships for Vocational Education and Training.

The project is meant to promote real entrepreneurship and creation of companies to nurture the entrepreneurial talent on IVET students by creating innovative tools and training content for both IVET teachers/mentors and students on how to identify business potential and turn it into real companies and start-ups.

Innovative tools and training content will be created after an in-depth analysis of the state of the art in Europe and project countries.


During the meeting, the Partners had the opportunity to introduce themselves and got to know each other in depth. After the presentation, an overview of TESEUS was given and all Partners agreed upon the URL websites and project logo.

The Consortium kick-started the project implementation by planning specific activities and agreeing on the work programme. Then, Partners outlined Dissemination activities to give great visibility to project actions and results. Multiplier Events in each project country are envisioned during the TESEUS lifetime to foster project visibility and to spread its methodology and outputs.

IHF asbl was established in Brussels in 2003 and acts as a platform to exchange and share ideas and knowledge on the process of EU integration. In TESEUS, IHF will investigate dynamics of start-up promotion mechanisms in IVET environments at EU level; IHF will also be responsible of dissemination and exploitation activities at EU level and will coordinate partners dissemination activities.

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