A CALL TO SELF-EMPLOYABILITY: IHF joined the Kick-Off Meeting of SOLOPRENEUR in Brussels

On January 17th and 18th, IHF met with 8 Partners from 6 Countries (Belgium, Cyprus, France, Iceland, Italy, Spain) for the Kick-Off Meeting of SOLOPRENEUR, a Project co-funded by the Erasmus Plus Programme of the European Commission.

The EU job market is undergoing a dramatic transformation with impressive high-rate of unemployment, need for upskilling, and a significant shift from “stable jobs” to “dynamic employment”. Economic, social and technology trends are also accelerating the creation of a new category of professionals: the Independent Professionals, also referred to as ‘Solo Entrepreneurs’.

Within such context, SOLOPRENEUR is devoted to job seekers from parts of Europe whose remoteness exacerbates the issue of underemployment and to those who want to start their own business fostering their access to the EU job market. The concept behind it is to develop Open Educational Resources, training and learning solutions to enhance employability and for those who are seeking better or new opportunities through self-employment.

SOLOPRENEUR specific objectives are to support the acquisition of skills and tools to enhance self-employability. In achieving these goals, the KOM was a great opportunity to meet each other and reach a mutual understanding of the programme regarding the most adequate methodologies and tools to employ.

IHF’s role in such project is to encourage and enhance dissemination and valorisation and has been doing so since 2003, featuring an ever increasing prominent position in the field of EU projects.

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