GREEN SYNERGY PROJECT: Milestone Achievement at the Third Transnational Meeting in Paphos Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Unveiling of Open Educational Resources Website

Paphos, 16th November 2023 – The Paphos Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted the third transnational meeting of the Green Synergy project, a project funded by the Erasmus+ Program, bringing together eight partners from seven countries (Cyprus, Italy, Greece, Belgium, Poland, Romania, Spain), the event marked a pivotal moment in the project’s progress.

The Green Synergy Partners, a coalition of sustainability experts, proudly announces the successful completion of the Open Educational Material. This material assessed the current landscape of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Armed with valuable insights, Green Synergy is now positioned to roll out cutting-edge training programs that cater to the specific needs of SMEs, all while advocating for a more ecologically conscious approach to business development.

At the core of this initiative is the objective to empower individuals for sustainable growth, instill a shift in mindset, and align business operations with principles of environmental protection. Green Synergy acknowledges the critical role of providing SMEs, micro-enterprises, family businesses, and aspiring entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge necessary to confront future challenges, including combatting climate change and embracing sustainable practices in line with the green deal.

In a recent consortium meeting, partners engaged in extensive discussions to chart the course for the project’s next steps. A detailed schedule was defined, timelines established, and responsibilities assigned, ensuring the seamless execution of the training program. Moving forward, the consortium will concentrate on delivering online courses, along with face-to-face training sessions tailored specifically for SMEs and entrepreneurs. These efforts aim to crystallize the Green Synergy Model, a comprehensive framework accessible through the Green Synergy Open Educational Resources (OER) Platform.

The Green Synergy consortium remains devoted in its commitment to offering comprehensive support, guidance, and preparation to European SMEs, micro-enterprises, family businesses, and existing and aspiring entrepreneurs. By arming them with the essential tools and knowledge, Green Synergy seeks to empower these businesses to navigate the challenges posed by climate change and foster a sustainable future.

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