Digital Skills for an Ageing Europe:

Strengthening memory and learning capabilities of senior people

Loneliness, isolation and social exclusion are important risk factors that can lead to poor health in older people, especially in the absence of family networks or insufficient family support. The DISK project (Digital Skills for an Ageing Europe) aims to address these problems through the promotion of active ageing, encouraging seniors to adopt a range of good practices to preserve their health through the use of new technologies.

DISK is a transnational initiative carried out by eight different organisation and support thanks to the co-financing of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission. One of the key major output delivered by the project is training toolkit compiled and delivered by partners designed to help seniors in strengthening their memory and cognitive capacities.

The toolkit is available in six languages and it is accessible for free, in open access format and with no need of log-in registration.

The structure of the toolkit is as follows:

Training Area 1: Memory Different types of memoryMnemonics: strategies to improve memoryThe PQRST Method: how to learn faster and better  
Training Area 2: Executive functions Working on your analytical skills: scenario making for executive cognitive functionsHow to improve your deductive reasoning skills and ways to boost your decision-making skills  
Training Area 3: Perception The different types of perceptions and ways to improve your interaction skillsThe cognitive stimuli  
Training Area 4: Attention Working on your mental fitness: focus and attention for seniorsHow art and meditation improves attentionFinding Waldo: Remaining sharp in your older age

The content per each training area is further breakdown into sub-didactic units and training modules, each of which with their own learning outcomes, recommendation and support references so as to provide for a comprehensive learning experience. In a later stage of implementation, the training material has been piloted with representatives of target groups (i.e., senior learners and adult education providers) so as to test and validated the pedagogical relevance and reliability of the content within.

To access the training deliverables produced by partners, please consult: