The LEAP report analysing trends and dynmics in Adult Education policy making is available online

LEAP – Local Adult Education Policy – is an Erasmus Plus project co-funded by the European Commission, involving a partnership of seven organizations from six different European countries (Belgium, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Slovakia, Spain).

The project aims to increase adult participation in learning at various levels by engaging local decision-makers and technical staff. It seeks to bridge the gap between EU and local/regional policies by raising awareness about adult education. Additionally, project’s partners collaborate with stakeholders to enhance policy effectiveness.

Through the Intellectual Output 2 (IO2) partners have identified and taken stock of the “policy tools” available within the regions and territories representative of the Consortium. The key element of innovation of IO2 is the definition of a methodology to classify and identify such policy tools and measures across different policy settings, countries and AE dimensions.

By mapping and analysing trends at EU level partners confirm that the term adult education is not widely used or understood at local level. Within this field, there is no real ‘tradition’ of policymaking at local level since EU and national policies are too complex. There is a lack of synergies among different actors and local policymaking in AE appears fragmented and not coordinated.

The results of the partners’ mapping and analysis will inform the Toolkit for Policy makers to be developed in IO3. Results are available on the LEAP Platform at the following link

For further information on the LEAP project, please visit the project website: