IN4Erasmus Project Elevates Local Businesses: Unveils Success at “Blockchain Beach” Event

The IN4Erasmus project is paving the way for local businesses to play a more significant role in sustainable and inclusive development processes. Emphasising the primary priority of Small-Scale partnerships, the project aims to:

  • Facilitate access to the Erasmus programme for newcomer partners, such as the Innovalley Association and Startup Campus Germany, by transferring expertise from experienced partners like IHF asbl and the University of Dubrovnik
  • Strengthen local capacities for international collaboration

These objectives are being realised through the implementation of two core activities:

  • A1: Capacity Building in Erasmus+ and European projects
  • A2: Mapping the internationalisation dynamics of business incubators

Event Spotlight: “Blockchain Beach” – September 18-19, 2022, Montesilvano, Italy

Within the vibrant setting of the “Blockchain Beach” event held on September 18-19, 2022, in Montesilvano, Italy, with the participation of 46 attendees, the IN4Erasmus project took centre stage. Co-organised by the Innovalley Association and a thriving local community specialising in blockchain and decentralised finance training and consulting, the event marked a significant milestone.

During the event, Innovalley unveiled the IN4Erasmus project, presenting its initial achievements. The focus was on improving access to funding and integrating European project planning into the development strategies of businesses and associations. IHF played a pivotal role in crafting the presentation materials, underlining the collaborative spirit of the project partnership.

EU Co-Funded Erasmus+ Project

IN4Erasmus is an EU co-funded project, supported by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission. The partnership consists of four partners from four different countries:

  • Innovalley Association (newcomer partner, Italy)
  • IHF asbl (Belgium)
  • University of Dubrovnik (Croatia)
  • Startup Campus Germany (newcomer partner, Germany)

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