Financial Literacy for Inclusion: FLY website is now available online.

The FLY official website represents a repository of the project’s outputs, results, news and contacts, and will be the OER platform for target groups to access FLY resources and training materials.

FLY is a Project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission that aims at the creation of financial culture among adults low skilled engaging them in learning financial. FLY will sustain the development among adults low skilled of financial literacy, providing all citizens with some of the tools that are indispensable today to build a peaceful, safe and sustainable future for themselves, their families and the planet.

The project officially kick-started in February with the first online transnational meeting during which partners had a great opportunity to discuss the overall project implementation schedule, define timelines and respective duties in the following months. One of the very first activities was the development, testing and implementation of the Open Educational Resources (OER) Platform. 

Fly Platform is the main showcase of project’s results and its largest and most tangible channel for international visibility, and is available in 5 languages (EN, ES, IT, FR, TR) with all of its content completely available for free, without requiring any kind of registration/identification by the user. FLY website is now online at 

For the next two years, the Platform will host and integrate all the main achievements of the consortium; each section of the Fly Platform is a stand-alone library of its corresponding output.

The “Assessment Tool” section will contain a practical tool for assessing financial literacy to measure financial knowledge, behaviour and attitudes, which will be useful for comparing levels of financial literacy and financial inclusion across countries. The FLY Free Financial learning for adults low skilled training courses will be published in “Learning”; the content will be fully available for free and the learning areas will be (1) Financial Literacy Alphabet, (2) Risk and dangers, and (3) Finance for Good. The “Report” section will host the report “Ethical and Sustainable Finance in Europe”. This output will be very strategic to better understand the role of the Bank and finance and the role of social and ethical finance.

In addition, the “Associates” section will be relevant to the widespread impact of the project, as organisations interested in the project will be able to join the FLY community and become associated partners.
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