The DATA SCIENCE project empowers women and HEI students with Data Science training: PR3 results and Transnational Project Meeting 2 outcomes announced

The Erasmus Plus co-funded project, “Data Science in Human & Social Science for Women Empowerment”, aims to promote a career in data science among women, increasing their data science skills, and to introduce data science curricula in European universities in Human and Social Sciences.

The Data Science project’s partners are pleased to announce the successfully achievement of a major milestone of the project: the development of Project Result 3 (PR3) – “Data Science for HSS: Training Solution” – and its integration with the Transnational Project Meeting 2. This outcome is a significant step forward in achieving the project’s overall objective of increasing gender balance in the data science sector.

The Data Science Training Solution is a set of interactive contents that combine hard and soft skills and that have been freely uploaded on the OER platform in all consortium languages (EN, ES, IT, RO, DE). The list of training modules includes:

  1. Data Journalism and Storytelling
  2. Principal component analysis (PCA)
  3. Correspondence Analysis, AC
  4. Cluster Analysis
  5. Data visualization – dashboards
  6. Text Mining
  7. Data Science & Social Impact: Achieving Positive Outcomes
  8. Introduction to machine learning
  9. Generalizes linear models: ANOVA
  10. Sampling theory
  11. Linear discriminant analysis
  12. Introduction to RStudio software
  13. SQL and GitHub

For a description of the individual modules and to access the training content, please visit the project website in the following section:

As previously mentioned, on 24 February 2023, IHF asbl participated in the Transnational Project Meeting 2 of the Data Science project, which brings together 7 partners from 5 different countries (Italy, Spain, Austria, Romania and Belgium).

The Transnational Project Meeting 2 (TPM2) was held in Bucharest, Romania, where the partners among others validated the PR3’s content and brainstormed on the learning outcomes and objectives of the final content. The event was a success as the partners discussed different approaches and perspectives to promote the content of the training solution and improve the learning experience.

The project consortium is committed to providing accessible and inclusive education in data science, and the Training Solution for Data Science in Human & Social Sciences has been an important step towards achieving this goal.

For more information about the project and the Training Solution for Data Science in Human & Social Sciences, please visit the project website:

and contact us at: