DataPRO Closing Meeting

On 1st of March 2021, the DataPRO partnership met online for the final transnational project meeting.

The closing meeting allowed partners to sum up on the main project’s achievements and lessons learnt from implementation. In particular, the partners resumed all the activities carried out and the main deliverables evaluating the impact on the target group.

Despite the issues coming from the pandemic, DataPRO partners intensified their presence online, organising a series of national and international events to deliver the DataPRO training and tools directly to the target group.

The transnational gathering was also instrumental to plan actions to guarantee further sustainability of project’s results. All the contents will be maintained online and will be available for lawyers of bars associations, current and future employee’s learners and trainers making use of the learning and training resources developed in multilingual versions (English, German and Greek).

the DataPRO consortium produced:

  • A Joint Occupational Profile for DPOs
  • A Joint DPO VET Curriculum accompanied by a detailed WBL Scheme
  • An Awareness raising Curriculum on Data Protection for current and future employees
  • Data Protection and GDPR Learning Resources for learners and wider audiences and WBL Employer Manual
  • On line web platform for “Data Protection Ready” Employees
  • A new Certification Scheme for Data Protection
  • Concrete Methodology for Quality Assurance and Licencing of DPO VET Curricula

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