DataPRO International Conference

On February 25th IHF asbl and the DataPRO Partnership held the Online International Conference of DataPRO.

The Conference reached more than 100 international participants interested in the field of general data protection regulation.

The event allowed the partners to explain their roles and functions during more than two year of implementation. In addition, the conference aimed at showcasing the main results of the project.

The Conference has been moderated by Lorenzo Costantino (Senior Partner at IHF asbl), which illustrated the EU state of the art in GDPR implementation.

External Speakers with expertise and knowledge in the Data Protection field were invited to further enrich the level of the Conference. In particular,

  • Mr. Christoph Riedmann – EUROCHAMBRES, illustrated his experience in supporting SMEs to comply with GDPR
  • Mrs. Karolina Argyridou – Cyprus Association of Information Protection and Privacy, brought several examples of decisions by the Cyprus Commissioner
  • Mr. Michael Zerkowski – INMACOM, described the German SMEs experiences
  • The conference was also focused on the current development on Data Protection VET Education thanks to Mr. Stelios Kavalaris from Akmi Metropolitan College.

Furthermore, the coordinator together with AMC and the IT Partner Readlab, showcased all the relevant information on DataPRO implementation, including the main functionalities of the DataPRO online platform, available at

ACQUIN and EOPPEP lead the session on available certification systems and analysed the challenges in the EU, together by an in-depth analysis on quality assurance of the DPOs Curricula.

Finally, Dr. Yianna Danidou from CERIDES offered an interesting overview on COVID-19 impact in digitalisation and the consequences on cybersecurity dynamics.

Participants were involved in a closing question and answers session which allowed to further explore the innovative training developed by DataPRO.

The DataPRO Project started in 2018 with the aim to establish a common European framework on technical skills, knowledge and competences in data protection sector narrowing at the same time the differences emerging at business levels in terms of data protection and certification systems.

Following the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679, DataPRO Partners recognised the need for a specific occupation profile in the domain of data protection and GDPR compliance and decided to exploit the Regulation as a new and unexplored employability opportunity.

The Final International Conference represented a very important moment for the implementation of DataPRO. Despite the implementation issues due to the COVID-19 pandemic, partners managed to plan their activities avoiding any negative impact.