AKKUEurope: Regulation of the work ability in EU small and micro enterprises through multimedia tools

Officially kickstarted in November 2020, AKKUEurope is an international project co-funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ Programme.

MSMEs play an important role in the European economy but are particularly affected by a shortage of young talent, as they are unable to compete with the services offered by Medium-Sized Enterprises and large companies in various respects (e.g., job security, pay levels, promotion opportunities). MSMEs can and must react to this by paying special attention to maintaining the workability and employability of their existing workforces.

The aim of the AKKUEurope project is the systematic development and validation of a multimedia toolbox suitable for the target group based on existing instruments, together with the owners and employees of selected MSME companies. So far, thanks to the precious contribution of the Spanish partner Internet Web Solutions (IWS), Partners completed a particularly important achievement which is the testing and validation of the Online Educational Resource Platform (OER) associated to the project. The OER Platform is freely available for all users (i.e., no log-in credentials required) and in multilanguage version (EN, DE, ES, IT, MK, PL) so to spread the impact and visibility of its content.

For the next two years, the Platform will host news about the project, deliverables produced by the partnership and relevant information addressing the topic of workability in Europe.

Each section of the platform is the digital “repository” of a series of sources and resources that partners will develop and implement in the next two years.

Particularly relevant will be the ANALYSIS of the existing tools for employability and the following TOOLBOX – two very strategic deliverables of the project.

The analysis of the existing tools follows two main criteria:

  • What is the organisational dimension addressed by these tools?
    • Health and performance
    • Knowledge, technical ability (competence)
    • Values, attitudes, motivation
    • Work environment, work organization, leadership

  • What is their expected impact?
    • Enhancing major awareness on the topic
    • Analysis and assessing the current status on workability dynamics
    • Implementing new workability models

On the basis of the criteria catalogue, the expert project Consortium will select at least 30 instruments for the toolbox which can be used throughout Europe. The selected instruments will be adapted to the needs of micro and SMEs for the mutual benefit of employers and employees.

Highly important for dissemination and visibility purposes is the ASSOCIATES section: stakeholders in the domain of entrepreneurship, organisational culture, business consultancy, etc., will be able to join the community of practice of AKKUEurope while remaining updated on project’s results and achievements.

In the Project, IHF asbl brings its expertise and experience as a key social player in international and European projects. In particular, IHF asbl ensures the “European Dimension” of the Project as it carries out all the technical tasks from a “European Perspective”, i.e. carrying out analysis of relevant EU policies and initiatives; extrapolating EU relevant case studies, lessons learned and best practices.

For further information on AKKUEurope and other IHF asbl initiatives: