IHF asbl took part in the Solopreneur Online Meeting

On 4th of June, IHF asbl took part in the online meeting of the SOLOPRENEUR project. Due to the Covid pandemic, the meeting has been realised in online mode on the basis of an agenda developed and shared jointly by all partners.

During the meeting the partners discussed about Project Management details such as the need to carry out out the subsequent meetings in online mode due to the uncertainty related to the covid-19 emergency, and the conclusion of the activities related to development ‘SOLOPRENEUR Training Tools’ in 6 different languages.

IHF’s role in such project is to encourage and enhance dissemination and valorisation and has been doing so since 2003, featuring an ever increasing prominent position in the field of EU projects.

SOLOPRENEUR is a Project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission which involves a Consortium of 6 Partners from 6 countries (France, Iceland, Spain, Cyprus, Belgium, Italy).

SOLOPRENEUR is devoted to job seekers from parts of Europe whose remoteness exacerbates the issue of underemployment and to those who want to start their own business fostering their access to the EU job market.

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