Entre Comp Implementation – Partners are finalising the EU report on entrepreneurial competencies

The partners of the ECI Project are finalising the report for stocktaking on the dynamics of entrepreneurial competencies at European level. Partners carried out assessment to investigate in their country existing literature, policy papers, analysis and diagnostics on entrepreneurship, skill sets and needs, capacity building needs, etc. to ensure coherence and accuracy in the consolidation of findings in regards to the selected competencies.

The report captures the state of implementation of the EntreComp competence framework for entrepreneurial skills which develop implementation tools and training content for the European VET systems. More in general, the mapping activities are meant to evaluate the overall Entrepreneurial ecosystem addressing entrepreneurship as whole social phenomena – from intangible skills empowerment to support and training networks.

After peer-review and quality check of each country snapshot’s content, the partnership will proceed to finalise a summative methodology consistent with the implementation of the entrepreneurial competences model and the development of the final ECI’s training.


ECI is a project co-financed by the Erasmus Plus Programme and implemented by 8 Partners from 6 countries, i.e. Belgium, Greece, Italy, Germany, Romania and Poland. Such project aims at improve the understanding of word “entrepreneurial” in order to tackle economic and social challenges.

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