IHF Presented AXESS at the European Conference on Digital Footprint in Brussels (B) – October 24, 2019


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On October 24, IHF staff presented AXESS – Acquisition of Key Competences for Economic and Social Sustainability – at the European Conference on Digital Footprint in Brussels (B). Policy-makers, civil society, educational stakeholders, researchers and companies shared and discussed initiatives that aim to “raise awareness and boost competences for responsible online identity”.

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Such conference was co-organised by the European Digital Learning Network (Dlearn) and the Lifelong Learning Platform, with the support of the DIGIT project partners. It addressed the topic of “digital footprint”, i.e. the record left by the activities done online, social media interactions, information on one’s personal website, browsing history and online subscriptions.

The correct use of digital devices by EU citizens is important as it avoids negative consequences for stakeholders in such area. The awareness on adopting a safe digital behaviour can significantly make a difference, especially in educational sectors. AXESS fits perfectly into this frame since it aims at developing and validating innovative trainings to improve digital competences of low-skilled European adults, particularly focusing on adult women.


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