Economic and Social Sustainability in Europe: AXESS Demo Video Available!

March 25th 2019

The Video Guide for AXESS platform is online and available on the AXESS YouTube Channel at The video shows the project’s purpose, the members involved and associated partners, the training section, case studies, a list of useful words for a better understanding of the project itself and a news section – all the contents are in English, Slovak, Greek, Macedonian, Italian, Spanish and Romanian.

AXESS (Acquisition of Key Competences for Economic and Social Sustainability) involves 8 Partners from 7 Countries (Belgium, Greece, Italy, Macedonia, Romania, Slovakia and Spain) is a European Project co-funded by the Erasmus Plus Programme of the European Commission, Key Action 2, which aims at developing and validating innovative trainings to improve digital competences of low-skilled European adults, particularly focusing on adult women.

In the AXESS project, IHF carried out analyses of the situation in the domain of digital skills for adult women in Europe and coordinates Dissemination and Visibility actions.


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