MICRO Project: Multiplier Events to share and disseminate MICRO results and outputs

31st October 2018

“Enhancing Competitiveness of Microenterprises in Rural Areas” – MICRO is a Project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission, Key Action 2, Strategic Partnerships for Vocational and Educational Training aimed at sustaining the growth and competitiveness of rural microenterprises by developing practical training resources and a dedicated Open Educational Resource (OER Platform).

During the Project the 7 Partners organised Multiplier Events in each of the 6 countries represented in the Consortium to share and disseminate MICRO results and outputs.

Partners showed to participants the Project life-cycle going through the 4 Intellectual Outputs of the Project and the training modules developed and tested with the target group.

Multiplier Events was held as follows:

  • Athlone (Ireland) 5th May 2017, 38 participants: Micro Enterprise, Outlining Pathways to Europe
  • Malaga (Spain), 07th November 2017, 27 participants: “Promotion of Business Culture”
  • Malaga (Spain), 19th December 2017, 35 participants: “Promotion of Business Culture”
  • Krusevo,(Macedonia), 23rd April 2018, 31 participants: MICRO Multiplier Event
  • Cavan (Ireland), 11th May 2018, 17 participants: Micro Enterprise, A Key to Rural Employment – Outlining pathways to Europe, in partnership with NUIM and Cavan Public Participation Network
  • Tetovo (Macedonia), 20th June 2018, 38 participants: MICRO Multiplier Event,
  • Malaga (Spain), 26th June 2018, 35 participants: “Promotion of Business Culture” in collaboration with the University of Malaga, University of Tanger and Andalucia Emprende
  • Pescara (Italy), 27th September 2018, 16 participants: “MICRO Project: an opportunity to sustain growth and competitiveness of microenterprises in rural areas “
  • Brussels (Belgium), 24th October 2018, 22 participants: Enhancing Competitiveness of Microenterprises in Rural Areas – Business Reception
  • Westmeath (Ireland), 26th October 2018, 10 participants: MICRO Multiplier Event
  • Greece (Larisa), 29th of October 2018, 57 participants: “Micro entrepreneurs in rural areas. Enhancing their skills in a competitive European Market”

All the events showed high participation and interest among participants.

MICRO training is freely available in multilingual versions on the dedicated Open Educational Resource Platform:

In MICRO, IHF asbl brought its consolidated experience and expertise in promotion of entrepreneurial spirit, especially among specific target groups at social or economic disadvantage (i.e. unemployed, youth, female, etc). IHF asbl has multiple years of experience in the development and implementation of training and awareness programmes for the promotion of entrepreneurship both within and outside formal education systems.

For further information on MICRO: