Digi.muse is a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission, which brings together three organisations from three different countries:

  • Institut de Haute Formation aux politiques Communautaires (Belgium)
  • Genti d’Abruzzo Foundation (Italy)
  • Internet Web Solutions (Spain)

The project aims at small museums, which play a fundamental role in formal and non-formal education and in carrying out actions of concrete integration, thanks to their bond with the territory and the community, and thanks to their ability to offer original experiences to the visitors.

Objectives of the project:

1. Promote the innovation of the educational and inclusive function of small museums through digital solutions. In this framework, the Consortium has developed a manual of good practices collecting digital tools used by museums, and a Matrix assessing and supporting their replicability for small entities.

2. Increase opportunities for small museums to access the Erasmus+ programme through a Capacity Building path;

3. Promote international collaboration, setting the stage for the creation of a European network of small museums.

Download here the Project Results: