Delivery of Training & Tools in the VET WEB Project

The Valorising Experiences for Training in Western Balkans (VET WEB) project has successfully begun the delivery of the 10 Training & Tools to implement EU models, frameworks, and tools, as well as the 5 Training & Tools to operationalise the Entrepreneurship Competence Framework to the target group. This marks a crucial phase in the project, aimed at enhancing the capabilities of VET providers in the Western Balkans.

Overview of the Training & Tools:

10 Training & Tools to Implement EU Models, Frameworks, and Tools:

This component is divided into two main parts:

1. Training Modules: These modules provide comprehensive information on various EU tools and frameworks, including:

   – EQF (European Qualification Framework): Understanding its development, purpose, and application.

   – Cedefop: Utilizing the Handbook on Developing Learning Outcome-based training.

   – ESCO (European Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupations): Interpreting and understanding occupational profiles.

   – EQAVET (European Quality Assurance in Vocational Education and Training): Guidelines on quality assurance in VET.

2. Operational Tools: These tools offer practical guidance on how to implement and integrate the aforementioned EU tools within VET organizations. They include guidelines, checklists, “how-to” guides, case studies, lessons learned, and best practices.

5 Training & Tools to Operationalise the Entrepreneurship Competence Framework:

Similarly, this deliverable is also structured into:

1. Training Modules: Focused on the EU EntreComp Framework, these modules explain what it is, how it can be used, and its implications for VET operators. They offer strategies for embedding EntreComp into operations, processes, and products.

2. Operational Tools: These tools assist in the practical application of the EntreComp Framework in VET settings. They include various formats such as guidelines, checklists, and best practice examples.

IHF has tailored these training and tools to meet the specific needs of their participants. IHF organized workshops and learning sessions to ensure comprehensive and accessible training delivery.

The VET WEB project is dedicated to improving the quality and relevance of VET in the Western Balkans. By delivering these training modules and tools, the project aims to equip VET providers with the necessary skills and knowledge to implement EU frameworks and foster entrepreneurship. Partners are now focused on continuing this deployment to achieve the project’s objectives and support sustainable development in the region.

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