An Online start for a new Erasmus+ project SPECIAL​ Supporting and Promotion EntreComp through​ Innovative Advanced Learning​

ZOOM 11.11. 2021

Internet Web Solutions met on ZOOM with 7 Partners from 6 European countries for an online KICK-Off Meeting in the a new Erasmus+ project: SPECIAL​ Supporting and Promotion EntreComp through​ Innovative Advanced Learning

SPECIAL is a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, Key Action 2, Strategic Partnership for Vocational Education and Training.

SPECIAL aims to strengthen, reignite and nurture “life” and “soft” skills of EU NEETs so as to sustain them in (re)integrating in post-COVID societies and labour markets.

In SPECIAL the partners will design, develop and test training programmes that are flexible, demand-driven, tailored on targets’ needs and learners-centred.

During this meeting, the Partners had the opportunity to get to know each other and discuss the work ahead.

The Consortium kick-started the Project implementation by discussing the structure and design of the OER Platform under Project Result 1. Then, Partners outlined the work under Project Result 2, a transnational needs assessment where partners will map NEETs post-C19 ​dynamics and benchmark​ them against ​EntreComp + LifeComp​.

The Kick-Off Meeting also represented a great opportunity for Partners to agree upon the project logo and the web domain, in order to foster project visibility and to launch dissemination activities.

Internet Web Solutions is the IT partner responsible of the development, testing and updating of the Multilingual OER platform which will represent a repository of project’s outputs, results, news and contacts.

For more information about SPECIAL and Internet Web Solutions: