Open Educational Platform for training and nurturing of Virtual Team Working Skills

Recent figures show that about one third of all employed persons in advanced countries work remotely in virtual teams. As recent Covid-19 pandemic exposed, in times of crisis virtual teams become only means of functioning even for activities of intrinsically oriented organizations. Being able to work in virtual teams is one of basic skills essential for employability of prospective graduates. However, while different aspects of digital transformation are covered in educational programmes of higher education institutions (HEIs) and even some high schools, the clear focus on building of skills for work in virtual teams is lacking.
The main aim of the project VIBES (Virtual Business Skills Empowerment) is to enhance students virtual teamworking competences to cope better in today`s global working environment and create and develop entrepreneurial opportunities for the European single market.
Partners started already with the design and development of the VIBES digital platform, an online community established as digital learning hub on Virtual Team Working Skills. Platform content includes project leads in the form of call for tenders (“real-life problems” and challenges from inside and outside institutions), knowledge resources divided by topics, tender of student challenges, a database of fully prepared best practice, templates, manuals for train-the-trainer workshops, case studies, guidelines on designing and proceeding on solution-based thinking.
All materials will be available in multilanguage version (Croatian English Estonian Finnish) so as to widespread visibility potential of platform’s contents and VIBES’ impact radius

The platform showcases 5 main sections:

  • “HOME” provides for an overall view on projects’ mission and scope
  • “About Us” offers a glimpse on projects’ ratio and objectives plus a detailed presentation of the consortium and the organisations taking part in the initiative
  • “Project” is the official showcase of all VIBES’ deliverables and outputs. From there, users can get a better sense on milestones and major achievements that partners will accomplish throughout implementation
  • “Engage” hosts training content developed for final users (i.e. students, teachers, educators and coaches, etc.)
  • “News”, so as to help users in remain updated with VIBES’ progresses

    Lecturers and student are able to upload their own content. The digital platform is meant to be a place of boundaryless but structured inspiration: to connect, interact and exchange learning material that builds on real world challenges.

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