DEW Project successfully completes final component and marks crucial step in post-pandemic women’s entrepreneurship

Digital Entrepreneurship for Women


Press Release

Date: October 31, 2023

DEW Project successfully completes final component and marks crucial step in post-pandemic women’s entrepreneurship

The Digital Entrepreneurship for Women (DEW) project, funded by the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme, is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of the final component of its programme, the Policy Recommendations and Guidelines for Further Uptakes (Project Result 4). With this final step, the DEW project ends on November 01, 2023, marking a crucial milestone in the promotion of women’s entrepreneurship in a post-pandemic world.

The DEW project stands out for its ability to meet the challenges faced by women aspiring to create and develop their own businesses. DEW is aimed at all women entrepreneurs, whatever their sector of activity. It offers educational resources, training and policy recommendations to support women seeking to set up their own businesses.

The DEW project is closely aligned with the key priorities of the Erasmus+ programme, including inclusion and diversity in education and training, digital transformation, adapting vocational training to the needs of the labor market and increasing the flexibility of vocational training opportunities.

Accordingly, the objectives of the DEW project encompass the following elements:

Inclusion: DEW tackles the problem of social and economic exclusion of women, particularly those from marginalized backgrounds who have no access to resources to acquire or strengthen their entrepreneurial skills. DEW’s Open Educational Resources (OER) are designed to be accessible and significantly enhance opportunities for women entrepreneurs, while strengthening project partners, as well as local, national and European entrepreneurship support and vocational training providers.

Digital: DEW is rooted in supporting digital entrepreneurship, offering opportunities to increase digital skills. DEW resources will be a strong asset for female users and will also contribute to policy by applying a gender perspective to the ENTRECOMP framework.

Adaptability and Flexibility: DEW will provide a flexible and adaptable platform for the development of entrepreneurial skills, whatever the sector or nature of the business.

Contribution to Policy: DEW brings a gender perspective to the issue of entrepreneurship and the obstacles faced by women entrepreneurs. The project creates a pan-European Community of Practice on the issue and consolidates learning and results in a format that can enrich and strengthen new policy initiatives in the field of women’s entrepreneurship.

The DEW project is firmly positioned as an operational solution to the challenges facing existing and potential female entrepreneurs in a post-pandemic world. By raising the priorities of the Erasmus+ programme and implementing its objectives, DEW has not only strengthened opportunities for women entrepreneurs in various sectors, but has also opened up new avenues for the promotion of female entrepreneurship in Europe.

The DEW project celebrated its closing with a final transnational meeting in Malaga, where the Spanish partner, IWS, warmly welcomed all partners. The meeting was an opportunity to share achievements, experiences and prospects for the future of women’s entrepreneurship in Europe.

To find out more about the achievements of the DEW project and access the final documents, please visit the DEW Website or contact:

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