“How to quit with social media”: the new section of the OFFLINE platform that helps you find reliable sources of information and quality cultural resources.

TV news is still the main source of information for most European citizens, however  social media, and in particular Facebook, are increasingly used as  points of access to news.

The fact that millions of citizens inform themselves on social media is not exactly a reassuring fact, considering the lack of transparency in the way in which news is distributed on social media and the reliability of the sources of information.

The risk of getting information on social media is that one may not obtain an objective and complete vision of the events and of being exposed to misleading news because they’re not well contextualized or even to fake news, that is completely groundless news.

As a result, public opinion is increasingly polarized on opposing positions that are irreconcilable with the effect of making our societies more fragmented and our democracies more fragile.

For this reason, the platform of the “OFFLINE” project, in addition to courses to improve the ability to inform oneself critically through online sources outside of social media, provides  a special section that collects reliable and accredited online sources of information and many quality cultural resources in the languages of the project.  Browse it now from here!

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