240 volunteers completed their Education in “DU MOTION” project

Volunteers from 6 European countries are already applying the acquired knowledge at local and international sports competitions

The most important phase of the European project of educating volunteers in organization of sport events, led by Dubrovnik Sports Association, has been successfully completed. Representatives of six partner countries have held a series of lectures in recent months through which as many as 240 volunteers from Croatia, Bulgaria, Italy, Poland, Sweden and Turkey were introduced to all aspects of the organization of sport events, from logistics and sports field management to competition and a very current topic of impact of COVID-19 on sport events.

“The implementation of this part of the project was extremely demanding due to restrictions related to work and large gatherings. Each partner had to educate at least 40 volunteers, so some partners had to divided divide lectures into several sessions to respect restrictions in their respective countries. All this extended the duration of this phases of the project, but we are glad that we did it well despite all the difficulties caused by the pandemic because volunteers are a key part of any successful sporting event and all this effort invested in their education will pay off many times over, “said Du Motion director Alen Boskovic.

Educated volunteers have already started to apply the acquired knowledge in both national and international competitions. In addition, each partner country (except Belgium) will select its seven “volunteer-ambassadors” to attend the final conference of the project in early May 2022 in Dubrovnik and volunteer at the sixth edition of Du Motion – Runners’ Days Dubrovnik.

The lasting value of the project is the working material that can serve as a quality tool for all sports clubs and organizations in the education of volunteers in the future.

The European project “Du Motion” is financed with funds provided through the European Union’s Erasmus + Sport program in the amount of almost 300 thousand euros and with the support of the Office for Non-Governmental Organizations of the Republic of Croatia.

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