Brussels, 5th December 2018

IHF asbl hosted 7 Partners from 6 European countries for the SUSTAIN IT (Sustainable Tourism Innovative Training) Kick-Off Meeting in Brussels on 5th December.

SUSTAIN IT is a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, Key Action 2, Strategic Partnership for Vocational Education and Training.

Its goal is to reinforce capacities of European workers and professionals in the sustainable tourism sector to enhance their employability while reigniting the sectors’ growth and competitiveness.

SUSTAIN IT will develop innovative, concrete and actionable training to be delivered via traditional means (face-2-face) and the dedicated Open Educational Resource (OER).

During this meeting, the Partners had the opportunity to introduce themselves and got to know each other in depth. After the presentation, a general view of SUSTAIN IT was held, showing its highly innovative aspect whichwould allow trainees to directly implement sustainable tourism strategies and actions.

The Consortium kick-started the Project implementation by discussing the structure and design of the OER Platform under Intellectual Output 1. Then, Partners outlined the work under Intellectual Output 2 by planning the activities to map Sustainable Tourism trends and resources. The Kick-Off Meeting also represented a great opportunity for Partners to agree upon the project logo and the web domain, in order to foster project visibility and to launch dissemination activities.


Institut de Haute Formation aux Politiques Communautaires asbl (IHF asbl) is a non profit organisation established and operating in Brussels (Belgium) since 2003 to promote awareness of European values and reinforce the capacity to use opportunities at European level of a diverse audience of young people, business community and academia, as well as social partners like associations and public administration. Over the years, IHF has held many training and awareness seminars, primarily focusing on the values of European social and economic integration, with a strong focus on economic empowerment (entrepreneurship and employability) and social integration.

In SUSTAIN IT, IHF asbl brings its expertise and experience as a key social player in international and European projects. In particular, IHF ensures the “European Dimension” of SUSTAIN IT as it carries out all the technical tasks from a “European Perspective”, i.e. carrying out analysis of relevant EU policies, trends and initiatives; extrapolating EU relevant case studies, lessons learned and best-practices.

More importantly, IHF asbl will represent SUSTAIN IT in Brussels towards EU Stakeholders (EU-relevant associations and actors), EU Policy makers and institutions. IHF guarantees a presence of SUSTAIN IT in Brussels also from a dissemination and exploitation perspective, ensuring that project activities and outputs are properly showcased in the most relevant settings, like EU-wide events and forum like EU Week of Regions and Cities, EU Vocational Skills Week, Erasmus+ Info Days and events, etc.

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