About IHF

IHF is a non-profit association of practitioners and volunteers established in Brussels in 2003 with the mission of increasing awareness on the European Union and function as a platform for exchange among practitioners from civil society, academia, public sector and industry on the many facets of European integration.

IHF asbl holds seminars and provides training on the various aspects of EU opportunities for transnational collaboration to representatives of three key groups of stakeholders:

– Civil Society: in particular the Third Sector and NGOs, especially at grass-roots level
– Public Sector: with emphasis on local and regional authorities
– Business Community: especially microenterprises and SMEs

IHF asbl is very proactive in Brussels and organises visibility and awareness events, often in collaboration with institutional stakeholders. IHF asbl has a proven track record and relevant experience in the organisation of Dissemination and Valorisation activities at EU level, through contacts with MEPs, other European associations and Institutions, stakeholders, consumers groups etc.

We focus on a wide array of areas and topics, linked to EU integration and socio economic development, ranging from youth-work, social empowerment and female entrepreneurship to education and social innovation. In all those domains, IHF asbl carries out public policy research and analysis, produces memos and reports on specific policy topics of relevance for its network.

IHF asbl provides assistance to its members through continuous monitoring of EU legislation and European Institution activities. Also, IHF asbl works as a networking platform and brokers international collaborative partnerships by helping its members the identification and mobilization of partners for their activities.

IHF asbl also provides tailored training solutions to specific target groups such as young professionals, as well as young unemployed and other groups at risk of socio-economic exclusion. IHF’s highly specialised courses and seminars focus on EU Policies and Legislation, International Relations and Project Management, promoting the possibility to participate in EU-funded programmes.

Since 2003 IHF trained more than 1.800 people on European affairs and cooperation. IHF asbl organises study tours to Brussels for groups of young graduates, representatives of local authorities, NGOs and Universities, promoting mobility activities at different training levels. Over the years, we organised more than 40 study visits to Brussels for more than 500 people.

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