IHF staff in Martinique – France for the AEERR Project co-financed by Erasmus+

IHF organised a staff mobility to Martinique – France in the framework of “Remote Regions in Adult Education: a resource for Europe” (AEERR), a Project co-financed by the European Commission within the Erasmus+ Programme, Key Action 1, Learning Mobility of Individuals.

AEERR Project is aimed at improving organisational, training and multicultural skills and competences of IHF staff and at disseminating awareness on EU issues in European outermost regions.

IHF staff visited two organisations between January 22nd and January 30th.


The two hosting organisations was France Langue, a language school for adult learners, and Open IT Martinique, an association of IT SMEs and this was a unique opportunity to know how they approach to Adult Education and which activities they concretely carry out to improve competences of adults.


The mobility period was also very effective in exchanging ideas and brainstorming for future projects in the framework of European programmes.

For further information about AEERR and IHF activities:

AEERR Project

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